Act of Creation
Goofing Around

Carter makes a surprising announcement: “I think I’m going to try out one of those online dating services.”

"You got a good pic?" Kirsten asks.

"No. Not anything recent anyway. Thought I’d take some new photos. You guys wanna help me take some shots?"

Carter has one of those professional cameras with extra big phallic lenses and Kirsten goes nuts snapping photos. We go all over town, shooting Carter from front, back, all around. He even takes his shirt off, doing Adonis shots. All those hours at the gym has made Carter’s muscles very, very happy. Back home we scrutinize the pics. Kirsten finally says, “I think this is it.”

It’s perfect. The photo looks exactly like Carter, only with shitloads of va va va voom.

"You look hot, Carter," I say.

"I’d reply to that," Kirsten says. "And it’d be short and simple: Dear Ethan, bring a condom."

We scream with laughter.

It was a good day.

(This is an excerpt from So Easy To Love, available free at Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and iTunes until the end of February. A paperback version is available at Amazon.)